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Shipyard to Sea: The Making of Research Ship (English)

Get a behind-the-scenes view of the creation of a world-class Research Vessel as SOI goes through a refit for R/V Falkor (too).


R/V Falkor (too) Moving to Dry Dock in Vigo, Spain

The next stage of R/V Falkor (too)’s refit involves aspects that need to be done in dry dock. Dry dock is a narrow basin that can be filled with water, allowing a ship to be loaded in, before the area is then drained, having the ship rest on a dry platform. This video is a time-lapse, showing the process of getting the ship into place and settled in dry dock.


Episode 1 | Building a World-Class Oceanographic Research Vessel

Get an inside look at the start of Falkor (too)’s conversion into a world-class oceanographic research vessel. Explore the ship as it is being built, including several labs, a huge aft deck, and other spaces. This major refit will result in an extraordinary research platform.


Episode 2 | Preparing ROV SuBastian

Dive deep into Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian’s mechanical and electrical systems, as the team prepares to integrate the ROV into the new Research Vessel Falkor (too)’s network of tools. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the integration, including modifying the Launch/Recovery System, spooling over 5,000 meters of umbilical fiber-optic cable, and more.

Episode 3 | Aft Deck and 150T Crane on R/V Falkor (too)

How can a ship provide an unparalleled capability to support scientists in ways never-before thought possible? Great question! Research Vessel Falkor (too) has some examples… Check out the features that will make R/V Falkor (too) one of the most universally adaptable ships at sea.


Episode 4 | The Gondola Underneath R/V Falkor (too)

Ever been BENEATH a research vessel? Probably not! Let us give you an inside look into the gondola: soon-to-be-home for a suite of sensors and sonars on R/V Falkor(too). It will be an important part of the state-of-the-art oceanographic mapping that will be happening on future expeditions.


Episode 5 | Voith Schneider Propellers on R/V Falkor (too)

“For launching and recovering science equipment, this will be a game-changer.” Research Vessel Falkor (too)’s propeller system is remarkable for its amazing maneuverability and speed. The entire system has been over overhauled – including blades, drive units, motors and more – giving us at least another decade of high-performance. Learn all about the Voith Schneider propellers and their capabilities, including unparalleled station-keeping and stability.


Episode 6 | Advanced Sensors Onboard Falkor (too)

Research Vessel Falkor (too) has an impressive sensor array, including oceanographic, meteorological, navigation, and mapping sensors. With over thirty sensors, and the capability to add more, R/V Falkor (too) will aspire to have analysis-ready data from multiple sensors for scientists to gather information.


Episode 7 | The Labs in R/V Falkor (too)

Science needs space to happen! R/V Falkor (too) has multiple specialized laboratories for research. Get a behind-the-scenes look by touring the multidisciplinary rooms being constructed for gathering data, experimentation, and observation on our new ship.


Episode 8 | ROV Mission Control Room On Board R/V Falkor (too)

“We are really excited about how the mission control room has come together, based on the input from the scientists, the ROV team, and the Marine Technicians… It is really going to incorporate us together into one team working in that space.”


Episode 9 | Sea Trials for R/V Falkor (too)

“I think the excitement to be back at sea again was literally palpable amongst all the crew, and the fact that we are now another step closer to doing science – that’s what we love to do – is truly exciting.”


Episode 10 | Sea Trials Continue – The Start of Chapter (too)

“I would say we can’t protect something we don’t understand, and as much study as has gone on about the Ocean, we haven’t had the tools – until now – to really get that full picture and to be able to tell the story about why we are connected.” – Wendy Schmidt, President and Co-Founder of Schmidt Ocean Institute. In this final episode of the Shipyard to Sea video series, the crew heads out to sea in the newly refitted research vessel.


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