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The Partnership

The Deep Ocean Education Project is a resource hub that provides access to ocean exploration-based learning for educators, students, and anyone else interested in learning more about our deep ocean. NOAA Ocean Exploration, Ocean Exploration Trust (OET), and Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) are collaborating to share highlights of each organization’s education materials, videos, and other information about the deep ocean in one location.

The Ocean Exploration Advisory Board’s Subcommittee on Education described the value of such a partnership in its report issued in June 2018. The Subcommittee made several recommendations that centered on developing new ocean exploration education materials that address current education research and standards and organizing materials so they are easily accessible for educators and students. The Subcommittee recommended that the three ocean exploration organizations combine forces to give the public easy access to ocean exploration-related content that would support and supplement existing standards-based science curricula for educators and students.

In response, NOAA Ocean Exploration, Ocean Exploration Trust, and Schmidt Ocean Institute came together to combine resources, develop new content, and organize it on the Deep Ocean Education Project website.

The Deep Ocean Education Project is grateful to the NOAA Office of Education, whose funding initiated the development of the new educational materials and this website. This project was created in cooperation with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, under a cooperative agreement with NOAA Ocean Exploration–a continuation of a nearly two-decade partnership of supporting ocean exploration education initiatives.

Why We Explore

Produced in collaboration with the NOAA Ocean Exploration, Ocean Exploration Trust, and Schmidt Ocean Institute.

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