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Cold Seeps

Fire Ice in the Deep Sea

Investigation Description:

A gas hydrate is an ice-like substance that forms in deep-sea sediments when low-density gas, like methane, ethane, or carbon dioxide, combines but does not chemically bond with water and freezes into a solid under low temperature and moderate pressure conditions. In this investigation, students analyze chemical structures and make observations in order to develop and use a model to explain the phenomenon: How does methane hydrate form on and below the seafloor?


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):
Performance Expectation: MS-PS1-4
Disciplinary Core Idea: PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter

Ocean Literacy Essential Principles:
Principle 5: Fundamental Concepts e, g

Supporting Images/Videos:

Methane Hydrate Formation Demonstration Video

Supplemental Materials:

Fact Sheets

Exploration Notes – stories from the field

Teachers & Educators:

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